Mobile App Development Tips for Small Businesses

Content is getting smaller and attention spans are getting shorter. But technology and innovation always find a way to keep us hooked to the screens. That is why, if you are an up-and-coming small business or even an established small business, you need to offer your customers a well-designed mobile app.

Not only will a good app help your business grow through sales, it will also build goodwill and rapport. Since scrolling is the key to browsing and shopping, having an easy-to-navigate application means an easy way to make sales. Your competitors are already probably doing it, so why not get started on this project now? Let us help you with these mobile app development tips for small businesses.

Stay minimalistic

Think of your mobile app as a medium to highlight the best part of your business. That means you cannot overload the app with the whole ball of wax. You need to set your target audience, demographic, and goals before getting to the app creation. Study the competitor apps to see what industry gaps you need to fill with your app and how you can be a wave of freshness for your users.

Audience and market research

Once you have set the target audience, you need to find out which competitor apps they are using and what more they want. One obvious way to do it is to analyse the reviews on apps stores. People usually leave first-hand experiences there and it can help you set your goals for your app. You can also join social media groups that cater to your target demographic and make note of what kind of content they are currently consuming and even engage with them.

Work with professionals

Creating an app is more than just writing code. It’s a combination of design, writing, coding, developing, testing, and even marketing and more! Yes, it sounds a little daunting but that’s what we are here for. Brand consultants like Storycat Pvt Ltd can smoothly execute all these steps for you with a highly efficient team who will bring your business vision to life.

Design is key

A good UI/UX design can make of break your mobile app because if your flow is cumbersome, nothing pretty will make you user stay on the app for long. UX designers at Storycat are experienced in creating flows and design solutions that resonate with the user. It is important that your user gets a personalised experience using the app and not an impression that they are interacting with a bot. And trust us, a clean app design can ensure that.

Internal testing

It is far more effective to test your app internally with developers than waiting for the beta results to come or for customers to point out the bugs. A pre-test ensures that one level of weeding is already in place so you can focus on setting up the post-release support system. Internal testing doesn’t mean that you will have no problems, it just means you can minimise the problems for the onset.

Create a buzz

As per a 2021 report from RiskIQ, there are 8.93 million apps in the world. And the number is ever increasing! So, one this is clear – developing and deploying your app is not enough! Put your website and social media handles to use and start telling your users that your app is coming soon and it will make doing business with you much simpler. You can even run campaigns to promote the app or use paid promotion if you have the budget. However, to do all this effectively, you need a marketing strategy. Storycat’s proven success in creating effective marketing strategies can help you get those target downloads eventually sales!