Tactics To Manage Your Online Reputation

You already know that our virtual presence plays a big role in how people perceive us. Even recruiters skim through our social media profiles to make all-rounded decisions! It may sound scary but the same rules apply to your brand and its online presence.

Your potential customers and investors can make assumptions about your business based on your social media interactions alone. But there's a catch! You can leverage this situation to create a wholesome presence that reflects the true nature and goals of your business.

Did you know that 81% of people research online before making big purchases? When your online interactions are exposed to a million eyes, it becomes your business goal to ensure that people are saying nice things about your brand. Professional brand managers like Storycat Creative can offer you tactics to manage your online reputation and thereby increase your clientele.

Chase online reviews

A set of good Google reviews can make your business look more trustworthy. If your clients are happy with your services, make it a point to ask them to leave reviews on Google. You can incentivise this process with giveaways. Google reviews are one of the first things to prop up when someone types in your brand name online. Easy to assume that people will use this powerful tool to make a decision.

Be active

A healthy social media presence means that you are prompt in responding to your users’ questions, reviews, complaints or compliments. This automatically makes people heard and reinforces brand loyalty as well. It means that you value every customer and will go out of your way to ensure satisfaction. Acknowledgement goes a long way even if you need more time to resolve the actual issue. Responding to comments on your social media content also helps build long-term relationships with existing or potential users.

Practice honest marketing

One of the pitfalls of dishonest marketing is that if you try to escape the issues by burying or deleting comments, someone will find it later or sooner. Internet benefits those who keep things clean and address issues openly. As stated earlier, acknowledgement alone goes a very long way. If you goof up, admit to your error before you move on. It builds trust and makes users heard.

Get on SERPs

Search Engine Results Pages (also known as “SERPs”) are your friend when it comes to managing an online reputation. The SEO magic works on your social media channels as well. Apart from your website, your social media handles will come up on SERPs so it is essential to optimise your brand keywords on them as well. Storycat Creative uses accurate tools to monitor your SERP appearance and help you define your brand's keywords.

Back to basics

Branding” may sound like a simple term but when it comes to online presence, your brand’s voice and tone can become your identifiers. That means, like most things, consistency is the key to a beneficial online presence as well. Design and copy guides can really help your brand get a handle on this aspect. Your goal should be that when your content appears on any feed, people know it’s you! You can even integrate this style in how you respond to comments and queries.

Take it offline

If you limit your brand’s online presence to the virtual world, it may come off as something staged. To avoid this, make sure you use the comments and reviews to improve your overall business strategy. The ultimate customer satisfaction comes from innovation in your products or services. This satisfaction will easily reflect on how users interact with you online. Another way is to tap into customer care conversations. If people feel heard offline, they are more likely to leave you good reviews online.